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It will soon be 10 years that I started to deal with graphic design. I already loved to draw in my childhood. My parents always tell me smiling how I used my both hands while drawing and colouring at the kindergarten. It is almost the same today, too. I prepare the plans with my left hand and then I do the digitalization process andworking out the final versions with the right one. My interest and affection towards design accompanied me through the years of my education but still was in the background for a long time. Then I got to know Photoshop and something changed inside me once again. I mastered the software with a great deal of learning and then designing posters and online creations filled my days but with time, I felt the need to develop my skills and learn other software as well. Thus I started to immerse in learning of Adobe Illustrator that opened new horizons for me. Designing logos became my new love and that brought along designing image and web-designing as well. The works that I create are strongly conceptual. I am building them consciously that are most often accompanies with some kind of hidden associative game which are mostly obvious. I think that it makes my creations really special. 3d designing made a great impression on me so I started to educate myself in this area, too. Continuous learning is essenrial and I am interested in everything that is connected to my works and may extend my knowledge. I am deeply fortunate that my hobby can be my profession at the same time. It means a lot more to me than just working.

“Design is so simple. That is what makes it so complicated.” Paul Rand